About the company

Industrial Innovations Limited was set up in 2004 to produce microbiological fertilizers using soil microorganisms.

The production facility is located in Novomoskovsk, Tula region.

The production process is based on the full production cycle: an in-house microbiological laboratory to produce inoculum, a section to grow cultures of microorganisms and bottle preparations in aseptic conditions. Pure cultures of microorganism strains are used to grow inoculum. Multistage cultivation is performed in aseptic conditions and with strict control of production requirements and parameters. Special nutrient media and technological modes ensure maximum productivity of microorganisms.

Each stage of production and storage of finished products involves thorough quality control. Research and development works are carried out to develop new formulations and enhance the quality of existing products.

The work of the company is based on innovative technologies ensuring significant qualitative and quantitative increases in yields, as well as improving soil fertility and ecological component of agricultural production.

Formulations of Industrial Innovations Limited passed required tests and have certificates of registration. Strains used to produce Azotovit® and Phosphatovit® are not genetically modified and do not belong to human pathogens.

Finished products are distributed by a well-developed network of regional sales representatives. Products are directly delivered and consultations are provided on their use.

Microbiological fertilizers Azotovit® and Phosphatovit® are successfully applied by the largest agricultural holdings and farms in Russia, Kazakhstan and the EU countries.